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Eastside Chess Club

The Eastside Chess Club welcomes chess enthusiasts of all ages to participate in club activities including club rated play, USCF rated events, ESCC Championship, informal play, and speed chess.

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Meeting Times and Location

The Eastside Chess Club meets Wednesday nights from 6:00pm to 9:45pm at the Tucson Jewish Community Center (JCC) located on River Rd. and Dodge Blvd.


By joining the Southern Arizona Chess Association, you automatically become a member of the Eastside Chess Club.


Every non-JCC player must pay the site fee, even those who do not get paired for rated games.  Parents and friends who accompany players, but do not play chess themselves, are not expected to pay.

Note: The fees go directly to the JCC for the use of the site.


The Eastside Chess Club maintains club ratings and game history for all members.  If you would like to play a rated game, you must sign in before 7:00 PM.  At 7:00, the sign-in sheet is closed and announcements are made about recent and upcoming events, as well as club business.  Rated games usually begin about 7:15, with the typical time control being G/60 (game-in-60 minutes).  Some players prefer to play only skittles (pick-up games).

Chess sets, boards, clocks and score sheets are provided by the club for both club games and skittles.

Occasional blitz tournaments are held, along with other special events, such as an annual club championship.

Try it out!!

Visitors and guests are welcome to come check out the club, but we strongly encourage players to join if they will be coming more than two or three times a year.